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Email Marketing Hot Tip – Getting the most out of your CTA

The Importance of a Quality CTA

Email marketing just like any other is a battle. A battle for the attention of your audience and for them to be responsive to your marketing message. In order to get a response, it’s important to follow the best practices of email marketing.  Once the content of your email grasps the attention of your audience now it’s time for the action. Fortunately, we’re plenty experienced in the tricks of the trade, to help you get the most out of your Call to action (CTA) .      

What to consider when choosing the best CTA

There are several aspects of what to consider when crafting your email, to get a strong reaction from your mailing list you must ensure you cover the trifecta of email marketing: 

  • A powerful subject line to get readers to open your email 
  • Avoid content of the body of the email 
  • An easy to understand CTA.  

Once you’ve inspired them to open the email and have successfully held their interest long enough now is the time to hit them with a compelling CTA they simply must click on. As the saying goes you must strike while the iron is hot, in order to get the most of your CTA.   

What it looks like

Think back to the emails you receive from newsletters you have subscribed to. What are the CTA’s that stand out? Are they the ones that blend in with the text? Or rather the CTA that use bright colours and promote a compelling offer.   

What it says

Your CTA must promote an enticing offer and explain clearly to your audience where they are going to land once clicking. Transparency is an important aspect of many undervalues when composing their email marketing content. 

  • Subscribe now 
  • Enjoy 50% off 
  • Enjoy my free trial 

These are all excellent examples of easy to understand short and powerful CTA’s. Additionally, keep in mind that your CTA must create urgency in order to really get the most out of your CTA. One final thing to remember is that after research it’s been found that CTA’s in the first person can work up to 90% better! Try using “Enjoy my free trial” instead of  “Enjoy a free trial” 

Where it is situated

Adding your CTA at the end of your body of text, in the form of a button is a fantastic way to increase your click-through rate.  Do not be obnoxious with your CTA, make it bright enough to stand out among the body of your email but don’t overdo it. Users often have a distaste for abnormally large lettering. 

Don’t dismiss the subject line

Subject lines are arguably the most important section of your email. Without the user clicking on your email, they will never be able to see your CTA. Keep your subject line short and catchy in order to stand out in the inbox of your audience.  

The importance of A-B Testing

Before you begin your campaign an absolute must of any email marketing campaign is to test your buttons. Make certain that they are sending traffic to the right place and are being displayed as you intended. 

Further to testing your campaign do not underestimate the power of A-B testing, test the colour, size placement and style of your button to find the sweet spot on what gets the most out of your CTA.   

With this information, you will be sure to get the most out of your CTA!

Social Media

Crucial Instagram Marketing Secrets

The Power of Instagram for Business

Instagram is an amazing social media platform with enormous power for businesses and individuals. Instagram is home to millions of content creators who all have an opportunity to promote their business, and with our guide, it has never been easier.  

Although with more and more users joining Instagram to promote their business, it can be difficult to get noticed, but not anymore with these crucial Instagram marketing secrets. 

Schedule your content

Having a consistent posting schedule on Instagram is vital. When creating content a stable schedule is one of the things that attract people back to your content. Utilising third-party apps can be a great time saver tool that helps you keep to a consistent schedule and even analyse your posts. You can plan your future posts, complete with hashtags and captions, saving you time and giving you the opportunity to interact more with your audience.

Strategic Hashtags

Hashtags are a pivotal element in getting more reach for your brand’s posts and message. Selecting the best hashtags for your post is vital, sites such as rite tag can give you detailed reports about what’s currently trending and recommend whether or not it’s right for your post. Another useful method is to localise hashtags or create hashtags that directly relate to your post. Niche hashtags have been proven to work alongside some of the most popular hashtags. 

Make use of Instagram Live

A  ‘Live’ feature has been added to almost every social media app since it’s creation, and it’s easy to see why. A number of international businesses use Instagram live, to great benefit. It allows you to get a better your connection with your followers by interacting with them live, it also lets you educate your audience or keep them in the loop about any new regarding your brand. 

Post Behind the Scenes for Better Connectivity

Though Instagram is known for brands and individuals posting the “perfect” shot, there is also room to get a little more personal with behind-the-scenes content. This can be formed of ‘the making of’ shot or a shot of your company culture. These images will help people feel closer to your brand, therefore generating a strong following of loyal brand enthusiasts. 

Utilize Paid Ads campaigns

Back in 2015 Instagram announced the use of ads on their platform. At the time not a lot of businesses were taking advantage of the new way to reach their audience. Even today there are still businesses who are skeptical of Instagram ads and prefer to stick to the traditional platforms of Facebook or LinkedIn.  AS they use the same advertising platform as Facebook “Business Manager”, Instagram allows for highly targeted ads, letting you reach a precise audience. Although you will have to page for your ads it’s well worth it and can have a fantastic improvement on your ROI.   

Optimize content with eye catching images and copy

Like most social media platforms you must fight for the attention of your audience with 100’s of other competitor brands who also want to appear in the newsfeed. Instagram is no different, it’s all about getting your followers to stop on your most and engage with it. There are a few tricks with how you can accomplish that, such as infusing a clear focal point, choosing high-quality images with bright colours or try even utilising different formations such as video or multiple images.  Try out these methods to get more engagement from your audience. 

Utilize the most effective features

Over the years Instagram has had 100’s of updates and with these updates, they have removed and added features like a revolving door. But that can sometimes leave its users lost not knowing which are the most effective or important features they should be using. Along with Instagram live we mentioned here is a complete list of features on Instagram you should be using for your business: 

  • IGTV
  • Stories 
  • Shoppable tags in stories and posts
  • Hyperlink username and hashtags 
  • Your favourite filters
  • Geo-tagged content

Similar to any other social media platform, it’s all about finding the right features for you. If you believe the right audience is more likely to see your brands posts by utilizing one or all of these secrets then you need to start implementing it into your Social Media marketing plan!   If you need help getting your Instagram marking efforts ready, contact the experts today! Let’s Talk! 


Google Penalty Removal: All You Need To Know

When you need to look something up online Google is one of the world’s most popular search engines. In a way, it’s sort of like its own club, and like every club, it has a set of rules to follow if you want to be a part of it. If you violate the rules you can definitely expect a penalty.

Google has Webmaster Guidelines in place for index able content. If your website has any actions that go against these guidelines then a penalty is put in place and that will greatly affect where you stand in the search results. Sometimes people have even seen their website fully removed from the search engine results pages.

If you’re running an online business then there’s a good chance that you rely on your page showing up in search engine results. Your business counts on those organic views and any risk to where you rank in search results could affect your sales.

Once you learn Search Engine Optimization you will realize that mistakes happen. Luckily you can undo any damage you may have done. If this has happened to your website then follow this Google penalty removal guide to get your page back in the search results.

What Are Google Penalties?

When you go against Google’s rules you get hit with one of their penalties. There are two types of Google penalties that you could receive: algorithmic penalties or manual actions. Let’s take a look at the two so you know where you may have gone wrong.

Algorithmic Penalties

Google has core algorithm updates that check for things that go against code. Every time that one is released it means that there has been something detected that Google doesn’t like. For some webmasters, this is a good thing, like if their blog content has been stolen. Other webmasters get bad news from these algorithm updates.

These algorithm updates check for things such as low-quality or duplicated content and link-schemes. There is a different name for each algorithm update released because each one is searching for something specific. If you are a keyword stuffer they will catch you!

A good thing about algorithmic penalties is that they keep webmasters on their toes and makes sure they only produce original content. Whether your website is for business or just a hobby, it should be good quality and original. These penalties are making sure everyone reviews their content and marketing plans to make sure they meet Google’s standards.

Manual Actions

Google also has real people on board reviewing websites. If one of their reviewers found that your website wasn’t in line with the guidelines then you may receive a manual action penalty. There are a few things in particular that can get you a manual action penalty:

  • Structured data issues
  • User-generated spam
  • Spam links
  • Low-quality content/ no value
  • Cloaking or sneaky redirects

There’s a lot more that can be added to this list too. Basically, if your website doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines then it is at risk of a penalty.

For manual action penalties, they are mainly seeking websites that are guilty of spamming and deceptive behavior. As a webmaster, you will want to avoid these penalties at all costs. They are much harder to get revoked because they are a more serious penalty. However, it is still possible to do.

How To Tell If You Have A Google Penalty

a businessman stands in front of a blackboard with an illustration of a large drop in metrics illustrated behind him

Since manual actions are done by a person, you will receive a message from Google alerting you of the penalty. Unfortunately, algorithmic penalties aren’t as obvious and you may not know about them until you actually see the damage it has caused. These are a few of the ways you can tell if you have a Google penalty.

Rankings Drop

As a webmaster, it’s highly likely that you often search your keywords in google to see where your site ranks. If you do this and see that your site is dropping in the search engine results page then there is a good chance you may have a penalty.

If you aren’t in the habit of checking your keywords to see where you rank in the search results you should as a way to monitor in case something goes wrong. This way you can take action quickly if you get a penalty.

Traffic Drops

If you notice that your traffic is starting to drop, look specifically at the amount of traffic that organically comes from Google. This can really hurt webpages that sell their products online as they notice sales decline. When your traffic is dropping due to a Google penalty you should take action right away.


When it comes to websites that are heavy on the spam and deceptive behavior, Google will flat out remove it from their search engine. You might notice that only part of your website was removed if this happens.

Google Penalty Removal Guide

If you have a Google penalty, then your SEO team will likely try one of these tricks to remove it.

Disavow Tool

Did you get a link penalty through Google? If you did the easiest way to lift the penalty is by removing any toxic links from your website. You can do this by creating a disavow tool file for all of the links that got you that penalty. Submit the file of backlinks to Google’s Disavow Link Tool to have them removed.

Fix Up Your Page

Google put their rules out for a reason. The best way to get rid of your penalty and prevent your page from getting another one in the future is to clean it up so it meets Google’s Webmaster Guidlines. Take some time to study their guidelines so you know what you can and can’t do to stay high on Google’s rankings.

High-Quality Content Only

Google is strict on its content. They strive to only show their users helpful content, they have no use for junk and spam. Review the quality of your website and take down anything that could be bringing it’s value down.

Reconsideration Request

Make sure you have done the other 3 steps before this one. For a reconsideration request, you will also need to show documents of what you did to improve your website to meet the guidelines along with a brief summary of why your penalty should be revoked. The reconsideration request is found in the Google Search Console.

With these 4 steps, you should likely have your Google penalty revoked but the best approach is to learn how to avoid a Google Penalty in the first place.

Social Media

Elevate Black Friday Sales with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, the two magic words that can make or break an advertising campaign. If used correctly they can elevate your sales to new extremes, but if used incorrectly your marketing budget goes down the drain.  When it comes to the holiday season the stakes are elevated, everybody is keen to use Facebook ads for Black Friday sales. 

Every marketer tries to use Facebook ads for Black Friday sales, so how do you get your ads to stand out above the competition?  In this article, you’ll discover new ways to improve your Facebook ads strategy and learn how to use them to elevate your Black Friday sales. 

Holiday sales

Widely regarded as one of the most popular times for promotions the holiday period can be quite lucrative for most businesses when it comes to promotions and sales. It all begins with Black Friday towards the end of November and in a non-stop rollercoaster of Holidays topped off by the New Year.  Many big brands can end up spending millions on advertising during this period driving the cost up for everyone else. The vast amount of ad spends means that a good return on investment is even more difficult to achieve.  But you don’t have a reason to sweat, keep reading to find out how to use Facebook ads for Black Friday sales. 

Decide what placements you’ll be using

As you may or may not be aware Facebook ads function very similar to an auction house, your ads are compared to all the other ads targeting a similar audience and Facebook shows the best performing ad the most.  Now in most cases, this wouldn’t be an issue there is plenty of space for Facebook to show all advertisers. However, during the holiday period, this becomes much more competitive.  

Now to combat the lack of space in the standard placements it’s time to think outside the box. In total Facebook offers 16 different types of placements, this also includes placements on Instagram and it’s audience network. If you’re used to advertising on news feeds there are a lot more opportunities via the other placements. 

Try using all placements, to begin with, but be sure to carefully monitor your results to ensure there aren’t any draining your budget without the appropriate results.  Our expert advice is to use Instagram Stories if you don’t already, they can be very profitable when done right but don’t forget to optimize your image sizes appropriately.     

Utilise Facebook’s targeting capabilities 

Custom audiences and retargeting are your friends, don’t let the fear of the unknown scare you off big profits.  The aim here is to target you “warm” audiences (people who have interacted with your brand). During the holiday period, you do not want to waste your delicate advertising budget on audiences who may not be interested in your products or services.  

Segment your audience by using Facebooks, custom audience capabilities, you can import lists of customer emails, or target those who have visited your website, mobile app, Instagram page or even users who have interacted with your Facebook page.   Any of the mentioned audiences will fit snuggly into the “warm” audiences described and are guaranteed to be familiar with your brand’s products or services. Additionally, you can use demographic targeting on your custom audiences for optimal results, use custom audiences to elevate your sales with Facebook ads.   

Promote a compelling offer 

Regardless of how good you set up your ads without a compelling offer, it will be overlooked by audiences, for a better deal elsewhere.  To truly stand out over the competition during Black Friday, you need a compelling offer. Your special offer needs to be good enough to catch the eye of the audience while still being profitable.  For Black Friday we recommend a minimum offer of 20% off for maximum results, but if you’re still looking to give further incentive try adding a free product or service into the offer. Add something low cost but gives good value to your customers, a good example if your selling sunglasses is to add in a free protective case or cleaning cloth.  Shipping can be another overlooked cost and many consumers would appreciate free shipping included in your offer. 

Check results regularly

Facebook ads for Black Friday sales have an extremely short window to be effective. Although traditionally a single day Black Friday, has morphed into a weekend in recent years, nonetheless you need to be monitoring results daily.  Being on top of the performance of your campaigns is essential. Pause ad sets that aren’t working and adding budget to those that are performing successfully should all be part of your plan when using Facebook ads for Black Friday sales.      

Facebook advertising give unique advantages when it comes to Black Friday promotions.  Although it may be a risky move due to its high costs, if utilising Facebook ads correctly during black Friday your ROI will be unmatched. 

Don’t go in blind talk to an expert on Facebook ads today! Let’s Talk!

Pay Per Click

Effective Google Ads for Thanksgiving Sales

Thanksgiving is a brilliant time to sell products and services online. Buyers go absolutely crazy on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many of them will start picking up gifts for Christmas, or at least trying to score themselves a decent bargain on something they have been eying up for a while.

A business can make a lot of money on Thanksgiving. In fact, this is the time of year that companies traditionally start heading into the black (hence the name Black Friday), but competition for sales is sky-high. If you do not know how to market your business, then your competitors will be leaving you behind. Thankfully, putting together some effective paid advertising on Google isn’t too difficult.

We are not going to share specific ads that you can use here. This is because an ad that is right for one business may not necessarily be a brilliant option for another business. Instead, we want to share a few tips on creating effective Google ads for Thanksgiving sales. This will allow you to tailor Thanksgiving ads for your business.

Create a sense of urgency

Ads that work incredibly well at Thanksgiving are those that have a sense of urgency about them. You want to encourage people to buy the products there and then. You need to be making them feel that this is something that really can’t be waiting until after Thanksgiving thing along the lines of ads that say things like this:

  • Don’t delay
  • Limited Time
  • Black Friday Sale
  • Cyber Monday Special
  • Don’t miss out
  • Available Now

You can think around with these words as much as you want, we are sure that you will know how to create a sense of urgency in your ads. Even if you do not want to add extra words to your ad, you can always change up the display URL (this can be whatever you wish). Making the URL something like this could work:

Both of these options still convey a sense of urgency.

Highly Targeted Ads

an example of a thanksgiving email sent out to elevate sales success

Running ads around Thanksgiving is expensive. It is estimated that they can be up to 20% more expensive than at any other time of the year. This means that you want your conversions to be as high as possible. This means putting your general ad campaigns on the backburner.

Ads that you are running around Thanksgiving should be for specific products or at least specific keywords. Let’s say, for instance, you run an ad campaign targeted at pet supplies. This is brilliant, but it is not a good ad for Thanksgiving. Instead, your campaign should be for specific products or product categories you offer such as ‘pet beds’ or even ‘dog beds’.

The more specific you make your ads, the higher the chance of a conversion. This will be business your competitors aren’t getting on Thanksgiving.

Retargeting Campaigns

This is something that you will need to start a little bit prior to Thanksgiving. Around October seems ideal for this.

People will be searching for products prior to Thanksgiving, but they will not necessarily be buying them. With retargeting campaigns, you can pull them back in and grab that final purchase. Without retargeting, the people are still going to want those products, but they are going to be purchasing them from one of your competitors.

Seller Ratings

The ads that we have seen perform best around Thanksgiving are those that include the seller ratings on them.

People do not like taking a risk with their purchases at the best of times. It is even worse with Thanksgiving. People know that if they buy from one place, they are going to be missing out on offers in other places. If they have never heard of a company before, then it is unlikely they will get the business. Not without including seller ratings on the ads.

The seller ratings help to convince buyers that your site is the best to shop at. It shows that you are proud of the customer service and the product quality that you offer.

We can promise you that if you include your seller ratings on the ad, your CTR will go up. This could lead to a huge increase in conversions too, but your actual website is going to need to carry a bit of the burden there.

Seller ratings are not available for every business, so if you do not have the option available to you, don’t fret.

Location Targeting

an image of the city with google location targets elevated above the skyline

In many cases, you will find that location-based ads are a bit cheaper than general ads. However, that is not the main reason why you will be running them.

Location-based ads can get very specific. It also helps to create a sense of urgency as it appears as if you are reaching out directly to a person. People also place a bit more trust in companies that appear to be closer to them. You may see sales creep up as a result.

Your campaign shouldn’t completely be based around location-based advertising unless you are purely a local business, but an online-only business could do well targeting some of the major towns and cities around Thanksgiving.

Use Google Ad Extensions

Google has various extensions that you can use to add a bit of extra text to your ad. This may include terms such as ‘Free Shipping’ or ‘Ships Internationally’. Use them. Not only does it mean that you now have more words available for your main ad, but it helps to really convey that you are the best place for people to buy from this Thanksgiving.


If you follow these tips for effective Google Ads for Thanksgiving Sales, then you will see your conversion rate shoot up. Remember; you should be monitoring your campaigns throughout the day to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Some people may even run split testing on Thanksgiving, but this can be a little difficult to pull off if only one person is running the campaign. However, do not be afraid to tinker if one ad doesn’t seem to be converting well. You may be able to squeeze a few more sales out of it.

Of course, it can be time consuming and difficult to undertake a thanksgiving marketing campaign if your being pulled in many directions. That is where Yoshiro digital’s team of PPC marketing experts can help take on the task, thereby freeing you up to focus on the parts of your business that most need your attention.

Email Marketing

5 vital email marketing campaign components

Many businesses undervalue the use of email marketing but it should be considered as an essential part of your marketing activities. Email marketing has always been a powerful tool. Perhaps one of the oldest forms of digital communication, emails allow you to connect with your audience in a way other platforms simply do not.  While it can be incredibly beneficial when it goes right getting it wrong can also seriously damage your reputation as a brand.  In this guide, we’ll walk you through the 5 vital email marketing campaign components.        

Why is email marketing beneficial?

Email marketing has been around for what seems like forever, and with good reason. It’s used by thousands of business across the globe and it’s the most direct and effective method of connecting with leads. With the power of email marketing, you’ll be able to nurture your leads into clients and one-off buyers into loyal customers.  Your return on investment is guaranteed to grow alongside your subscriber list.  When it comes to emails there are several ways to see your success, those who may not be familiar, look no further the solution to a better return on your investment is email marketing. 

With email marketing, you’re able to reach highly targeted audiences, on a global scale at such a low cost it is not worth the comparison to Facebook ads or pay per click ads (PPC). While this may seem like a dream you cannot forget the 5 vital email marketing components.  

1.Build a strong Mailing list

The key to your success is a strong mailing list, not only in terms of volume but also content, who is on your list. There is no point building a list of 18-year-old males if you’re selling barbie dolls. Your list needs to represent your target audience.  To build a strong list you can use a variety of methods, using social media ads can be an option to generate leads quickly although there is an upfront cost to using social media ads once you’re list has grown a significant amount your ROI is sure to increase. Social media isn’t the only way to build your list, a mix of strategies would be most effective, consider using your website’s blog to also promote your newsletter.  

Offline methods can also be effective, business cards are an affordable way to spread your message.  Consider adding “Subscribe to our newsletter” on your business cards. If it doesn’t fit on your current design consider having business cards dedicated to promoting your newsletter, the same can be applied to encouraging people to follow you on social media.  Business cards are a cost-effect way to share your message.               

2.Powerful subject lines

The importance of a strong subject line cannot be understated. It’s the first thing the audience will read and potentially their first impression of your brand. You should aim for subject lines, that spark interest and build curiosity. From our experience, the shorter the subject line the better, subject lines under 4 words have received the best open rates. Although this may heavily depend on your industry, it’s best to test the length of your subject lines through a series of emails.    

While it may be tempting to use clickbait to get better open rates,  it the long run it installs poor trust in your audience who frequently open emails from you only yo be disappointed with the content. Your users won’t take the desired action should you deceive them into opening the email. The goal of a subject line is to lure recipients to open the e-mail and to click through to wherever you are directing traffic.  Hot tip – Utilise A/B testing when optimising your subject lines. 

3.Copy and images

An image is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes.  While this can apply to your email you cannot ignore the copy that goes with your image. You want your audience to be able to glace at your email and understand the central message. In addition to the core message, your call to action must also stand out to the users.  It should be a specific call to action whether you want to the user to purchase or to visit your website the next step to them should be clear.  Personalization is also key, including details such as their name can have huge benefits to your clickthrough rate. 

Perhaps most importantly is using a responsive design, and testing on multiple browsers and devices. You want your entire network to receive the same email. There should be no vast differences in the visual element of your email from device to device as this may affect your ability to measure and optimize your results. 

4.Measuring results

A vital component to perhaps any marketing campaign is how and what you should record.  There are different ways to measure your results when for your email marketing campaign, firstly is to see the performance of your email and secondly is looking at the analytics of where you are driving traffic too. From your email, you should be looking at the delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates.  These numbers will vary from industry to industry it up to you to improve after each email.  On your website or landing page, you need to look for the bounce rate, conversion rate and revenue. 


Although it is mostly low maintenance, an email marketing campaign is not something that you should create one day and then completely forget about the next. To get the best results, monitor the performance of your emails as mentioned. But with the results, you measure you need to also identify areas that need improvement. Then, through A/B test some changes to make those improvements.

One of the most effective ways to streamline your messaging with an audience is email. For any industry or whether a company is a business to business or business to consumer, a well thought out marketing approach can generate impressive results for brands if utilised correctly.

Let’s Talk! 


What is a sales funnel?

The Sales funnel

It’s the only way to survive in today’s very competitive marketplace.

A sales funnel is the marketing term used for a series of steps designed to guide prospects toward a buying decision.

A sales funnel is simply like a real-world funnel where you can see the top, the middle and the bottom tip. At the top of it, you pour some substance, then, this substance filters down towards one defined end or destination.

It becomes the steps of a process that your potential buyer has to take and go through in order for them to become your customer.

In brick-and-mortar world, a sales funnel can be represented in your website – social media channels – retail store – email – personal consultation – your sales team or any other marketing channel you may have. A sales funnel can be spread across several channels.

Similarly to the real funnel, a similar process takes place. At the top of the sales funnel, you see lots of potential buyers who arrive and may enter your funnel. But, there’s one difference here: not all the potential buyers entering your sales funnel will be lead out from the other end.

The high-level stages that prospective clients and customers move through (your funnel) are awareness, interest, decision making and action.

The why and how prospects move down the funnel depends mostly on your own sales and marketing abilities.

In these high-level stages, you have to pay the most attention to prospects in the middle and lower stages of the sales funnel: they’ve moved beyond awareness and are heading into interest.

The prospects at the top of the sales funnel see your store. Some of them take a decision to walk in, that’s the middle of the funnel.

Two of the prospects see a rack of jackets on sale. They start looking for their size and now they are at then next step of the funnel. Then one customer selects two jackets and walks to the check-out. He/she is at the last step. He/she finishes the purchase and gets to the bottom of the funnel or the end of sales operation.

If you are a business owner, you already know how painful it is to just miss a sale.

You may spend days and weeks of pitches, charm, chatter and negotiation and then the potential buyer drops out of the sales funnel with zero sales.

But adopting and managing your own sales funnel is one of the most powerful marketing tools you may have for the success of your business.

In the online world, a sales funnel is all about engaging visitors and getting them to opt-in to your free offers and click that button.

The question to figure out becomes “how”?

Sales funnel became one of the core concepts in the world of digital marketing.

This core concept can take your business from unknown to a mass saturation money-making machine seemingly fast.

And skilled professionals have built a career around implementing this core concept in their business.

Each of the sales funnel stages has an important impact on the prospects behavior. Therefore, you need to learn them deeply.

By thoroughly understanding each step, you can use the right strategies and tactics to increase the number of potential buyers that go from one step to the next.

Much of those tactics lean on buyers’ psychology. And the world’s most experienced marketers know that there’s a psychological process behind each buying process.

This understanding can have a huge positive impact on your business.

Why is a Sales Funnel important?

a man pinpointing the bottom of a sales funnel with his pen

The sales funnel helps you imagine the road potential buyers take while making their buying decision.

When you start understanding your funnel, you will better equipped to find the cracks where prospects leak out in the funnel and why/where some prospects (or all prospects?) never convert and leave before reaching the bottom of the funnel.

And without understanding your sales funnel, you can’t fix those cracks or those holes in the funnel. But, by understanding your funnel, you will be better positioned to optimize it and influence your visitors/prospects path through the funnel and eventually impact their decision.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to create and optimize a successful sales funnel.

How to create a sales funnel?

If you want to improve your sales and increase your customers’ base, you need to start thinking sales funnel.

We put some points to help you start creating and managing your own online sales funnel:

  1. Get acquainted with buyers’ psychology. You don’t have to become a psychologist yourself to improve your business sales or to create a sales funnel. But, understanding your prospects buyers will allow you to better serve them. Remember! Your product/service/pitch was not created to serve everybody.
  2. Grab your prospects’ attention. When you understanding the behavior of your prospects you will be better equipped to grab their attention. You can use your social media channels to capture your audience’s attention.
  3. Create a landing page. Your content and ads need to take your prospects somewhere where they can learn more about your business.
  4. Create an email campaign. Use your email market to bring interesting content to your leads. This will help you keep their interest, educating your audience and build up to the sale.
  5. Maintain the relationship. Thank your customers for their purchase and offer to them additional opportunities. Stay in touch!


  • Understand your audience
  • Pay attention to all aspects of your sales funnel and use them to impact your customers conversion.


  • Ask people to buy from you right away or you will only chase them away.
  • Overlook details as small as font choice.

Examples of successful sales funnels:

You cannot improve your marketing strategy without learning from these leaders:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Netflix
  3. Mailchimp
  4. Coursera
  5. Crazyegg
  6. Netflix


Creating and optimizing a sales funnel is crucial for your business in today’s competitive world.

Social Media

Social Media marketing platforms you might have overlooked

There are over 3.5 billion people on this planet today that are active users on social media. This, of course, means that social media platforms are also the ultimate marketing tools with the ability to reach highly targeted audiences via social media is unparalleled. The majority of all businesses are using social media marketing to get a leg up over their competitors. 

However, the trend of using social media to promote your business has become so commonplace that it’s become nearly impossible to stand out on the conventional social media platforms. In this situation, one must think outside the box to stand out. In this article, there will be no mention of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s all about the most underrated social media marketing platforms, what you can expect from each one and how to utilise each platform effectively.        


While it may be a surprise to Quora on this list since it’s essentially a Q&A site it can be an exceptionally useful tool when wanting to establish authority. Answering questions from the public about your products and services is an excellent strategy for brand managers to get the word out. Quora can also be incredibly useful when wanting to learn more about what fans of your brand are interested in through their questions. With over 190 million users, Quora can be an excellent tool to build your brands’ trust. The users on this platform are often seeking information so will have much less trouble keeping them engaged leaving it much easier to share more information increasing your brand’s influence. 


A well established social media platform than never had the opportunity to break into the top four top social media marketing platforms. Often overlooked Pintreses 250 million active users is nothing to joke about. Pinterest is an entirely visually platform, create super well-designed, vibrant images to stand out on this platform. Pinterest can have such an influencer over its users that according to reports 87% of Pinterest users have brought a product because of Pinterest. Once you set up your business account on Pinterest here are a few essentials you must keep in mind. A nice bio, profile picture and well-planned banner based on your brand’s image is a great start. When using Pinterest similar to other social media platforms we’ll mention it’s vital that you don’t adopt an overt selling approach, find a way to market your products discreetly.    


Not commonly associated with marketing Reddit can be an excellent platform for building community relations. Similar to Quora it’s a customer service channel, used to gather community feedback for products and services. A more discrete marketing approach on Reddit is essential as site users can dislike traditional marketing plays and “Call out” companies that try to promote their products and services in the traditional way. The most common use of Reddit from cooperations is through AMAs “Ask me Anything” sessions. Where actors will talk about their latest films or companies will field questions about their latest product. Even though AMAs answers must feel genuine and not overly promotional as it could receive a backlash. Overall Reddit’s 300 million users each with an average visit of 15 minutes is a great platform to interact with your audience, however, proceed with caution to avoid a backlash.           


A surprising addition to the list however if your audience is on Twitch it can be an excellent way to spread your message, by either having a Twitch channel of your own or by running sponsored streams. For those unaware of the premise of Twitch, it’s similar to broadcast TV different content is available on each channel and users to have to tune in to watch it live, although it is also recorded. The platform began as a way for the game to interact with one another however it has evolved into much more than that. While still heavily gaming influenced it has evolved to also include other areas in turn it has also expanded its audience. If your audience is suited to Twitch take full advantage of the most popular streaming service in the world. 

Tik Tok

If you haven’t heard of this popular app by now you must be living under a rock. Exploding onto the scene late 2019 and continuing to grow in popularity during 2020 Tik Tok is quickly becoming a major player in the social media marketing industry. In less than 2 years it has a global audience of 500 million users. It’s still in its early stages so the rules are still being written and most effective strategies still being formed. One thing that is for certain is users are looking for snappy entertaining videos, before embarking on Tik Tok ads you must be prepared to show off your brands lighter side. Unlike other platforms, if you want to run paid ads on there is some upfront cost with uncertain results, however, with well thought out organic content there is no need for a paid investment. For inspiration on how a traditional business can utilise Tik Tok check out The Washington Post or Yahoo’s page. 

Like any online marketing campaign, it’s all about finding the right audience. If you believe the right audience for your business is on one of these platforms but need help getting your marking efforts ready, contact the experts today! Let’s Talk! 

Social Media

Developing an influencer outreach plan

If you’re planning on starting an influencer marketing campaign you’ll need our guide on how to develop an influencer outreach plan and the fundamentals of an influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most popular methods to help increase your brand awareness and trust. Influencers allow you to reach a unique, niche audience that would otherwise not be exposed to your brand. There are enormous benefits to running a successful influencer marketing campaign and it can often be just as important as Facebook and Instagram campaign management. However, it can be a time-consuming and complicated campaign to set up if going in blind.

An influencer campaign may not be suitable for every brand but it has proven results in certain industries and can even average a return on investment of $6.95 per $1 invested if utilised correctly.

Create an influencer outreach campaign that works

The key to a successful influencer outreach campaign is building a relationship after you have contacted your influencer. 

A quality relationship with your influencer generally involves mutual benefit. It grows your reach organically while the influencer also receives something in return. 

An influencer marketing campaign may be successful for your competitors, however, without careful consideration into what you want to achieve with your campaign, you may as well be throwing your marketing budget away. 

If you do not target the right influencers with the audience you want you’ll quickly run through your budget with a poorly executed campaign and won’t get the desired results. Avoid wasting your marketing budget by following our steps on developing a winning outreach influencer outreach plan. 

Get to know your influencers

Before you begin reaching out to influencers, your priority should be evaluating what you want to achieve from your campaign and what you want your influencers to accomplish. Develop a firm understanding of your campaign and discuss which KPIs you wish to measure to evaluate your success. Ask yourself at the end of your campaign, what will success look like?  

Following this step, it’s vital to research your influencers, use influencer marketing platforms to get an idea of the key figures related to your brand. 

Ideally, they should be involved in your field, if this is the case their followers would also be interested in your content. Growing a relationship with an influencer who is uninterested in your industry is a waste of time for all parties involved.

Do the research through various influencer marketing platforms learn the industry they’re in, the engagement rates, how many followers they have, only then can you evaluate whether you have chosen the right influencer.     

Make contact 

After conducting your research, you will now have the ideal influencer for your brand in your mind. Next comes the outreaching, much like forming any new relationship you need to get to know them plus they need to get to know you. 

It’s time to start stalking them (not literally of course). Get on their radar by engaging with their content, likes shares comments across multiple platforms. When developing your influencer outreach plan you mustn’t forget they’re human. Be nice, be supportive, they’re not robots. 

Liking and following them will not only familiarise your name with them but you’ll also get to know them better before making first content. This also means you’ll be able to personalise your first message, in the next stage.        


Once you’ve gotten to know your influencer and feel comfortable contenting them, it’s time to tailor a personal message. 

It’s essential to send a personalised message, you’re trying to build a relationship, similar to online dating you won’t stand out unless your message is unique and personal. Our advice is to let them know why you chose them, use your research to show you know a little bit about them and finally be genuine. Don’t try to hide your end goal, influencers are busy people and know you aren’t contacting them to become best friends, tell them what you expect from them and what you’ll give in return.   

The platform you contact them on will also play a role, email, Instagram or LinkedIn are all viable options. Ultimately it will depend on your industry as to which format gets the best response rate. Using an influencer marking platform is also a choice, however, some may limit direct contact. Instead, it asks you to provide a brief of what you want. Although influencer outreach platforms are acceptable options, you’ll lose some of the personalisation and customisation.         

Overlap your audience 

To truly establish your brand with your target audience, the ideal solution is to find influencers whose audience overlaps. This way you can have multiple touchpoints with your target audience, forming a trusting relationship between your brand and the audience. 

If a consumer sees their favourite YouTuber and then their favourite Instagram model promoting the same brand, it’s more likely to become a trustworthy brand in their mind.   

Our advice is once you get to know one influencer ask them to introduce you to their friends, by having a friend on your side you’ve already got one foot in the door. You’re more likely to be trustworthy when being introduced by a fellow influencer. Use an influencer to harness relationships with other influencers. 


Influencers themselves are generally categorised into different levels, depending on how many followers they each have. At each level, you will have different engagement levels in addition to varying costs. 

The top-level consists of celebrity influencers, these are your traditional movie stars, athletes or singers they are recognisable across most industries and have the largest reach. This comes at a substantially higher cost than lower-level influencers. Additionally, top-level celebrities generally have lower engagement rates than smaller influencers. 

The next categories consist of the top 5%, influencers in this category receive over 250k monthly visits. Similarly, influencers in the top 10% have between 25,000 and 250,000 monthly visitors.   

The final category of influencers is those with under 25,000 monthly views. These influencers are widely considered the most effective due to their low costs and high engagement rates. With these smaller influencers, you can also be sure of the audience you are targeting. In our mind, this is the ideal level to target with your influencer outreach campaign, although it may also depend on the location of your audience.    

Get your influencers on board

The ideal scenario when reaching out to influencers is to get them as dedicated to the brand as you are. There are several ways to do this either through affiliate programs, sponsored content, with compensation through products or currency or with brand ambassador programmes. Each influencer will have different preferences, our advice is to find a custom solution that works for both your brand and the influencer. It’s up to you and your influencer to determine the best compensation model for your objectives. It’s also important to thank the influencer for their involvement, once again they are people, not robots.  

It’s all about building the right relationship with the influencer you work with, free customised products, exclusive events or inviting them to product launches are great ways to get your influencers on board. A pen with your logo on it may not be enough to help you stand out from the crowd.    

Following these steps in your influencer outreach will help you nurture the relationship, into a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship for all.  

Overall, while not as easy as other campaigns an influencer outreach campaign when utilised effectively can be extremely prosperous. If you’re struggling to get started with your influencer outreach campaign, contact the experts today! Let’s Talk!

Pay Per Click

What is a PPC specialist

What Role Does a PPC Specialist Perform?

When it comes to the role of a PPC Specialist, the functions they perform are vital to the effectiveness of any Google Ads campaign.

A PPC Specialist handles all essential functions of any Pay-Per-Click campaign. This includes managing the strategy, design, implementation, and the analysis of the performance of the ads. Basically, they will have a great level of expertise when it comes to Google Ads. The wide range of skills required by a PPC Specialist is exactly what makes them so highly sought after in the digital marketing world. The most essential functions that they perform include:

  • Keyword Research – This involves a complete understanding of the search intent of the product or service being offered. A good PPC Specialist will keep up to date with modern trends, perform constant research and test keywords to see what is working and what is not.
  • Landing and Display Ad design – The ads you create will direct search engine users to a specific page on the website. Ensuring that these landing pages are soundly illustrated and contain effective CRO best practices will ensure the highest likelihood of conversion.
  • Effective Analysis – Of course the initial setup is not the most crucial skill that a PPC Specialist must possess. Without the ability to analyze the data, and identify where and when changes are needed, all efforts will be for naught. This is where a PPC expert really earns their paycheck!

What to Look for in a PPC Specialist

When evaluating whether the PPC Specialist is right for you, there are certain skills that you should be looking for in that individual. You should ask yourself the following when evaluating whether the PPC Specialist is the right fit for you and your business…

Are they Analytical?

Obviously a crucial aspect of addressing whether any campaign is working comes with the analysis the follows implementation. Therefore it goes without saying that an analytical thinker is crucial in taking the role of PPC Specialist.

Are they Technically Proficient?

PPC Management requires the understanding of technical elements including HTML and JavaScript as well as implementation of tracking and re targeting codes and therefore the expert must have a solid foundation in the technical. In addition, specific industries are very technological and in order to research and understand the wide range of technical industries and technology used, the expert must be capable of understanding many difficult and technical industry terms.

Are they a Creative mind?

Creativity is a big must. Considering the need to create eye-popping ad copy as well as creative and attractive visuals your PPC specialist will need to possess this vital skill. This is even more important in the world of PPC where there are often significant character and size constraints when it comes to creation of ad copy and ads.

Do they understand the consumer?

The need to understand consumer intent is crucial especially during the keyword research phase of any campaign. The PPC Specialist will struggle to strike the right chord if they fail to grasp what those in the specific industry are searching for when it comes to product and service inquiries.

Are they able to adapt to constant changes?

The world of digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. An experienced PPC Specialist will definitely be prepared and expecting constant changes. As a result, they will be on the front foot and able to adapt their goals and strategies at a moment’s notice.

They will possess a thirst for knowledge?

Not only will they be able to adapt their existing knowledge to new challenges, an expert PPC Specialist will possess a thirst for knowledge and be willing to learn new strategies in order to stay well ahead of the competition.

Are they organized and good with their time management?

Last but not least, a star PPC Specialist will need to be incredibly organized and great with their management of time to ensure they stay on top of what is often an incredibly long list of daily tasks. Most notably, they need to handle in-depth analytics stat checking and researching daily trends.

Why do you need to consider a PPC Specialist?

Marketing is often the first choice when it comes to growing your business. But what type of marketing is best? Often the choice lies in PPC advertising, especially when seeking quick wins. However the biggest stumbling block for most businesses lies in how difficult a component of marketing it can be. This is why you need a PPC Specialist.

PPC Specialists possess the expertise to make sure that the strategies implemented will be sound and, for that reason, your business will be perfectly positioned for ultimate success. In summary, the PPC Specialist will help your business dominate your industry in the following ways:

  • The specialist will help with decision-making in order to deliver the best results
  • The specialist will help you to produce the most effective ads possible
  • The specialist will be available to identify necessary changes to your keywords and ad copy
  • You’ll be able to focus on the other aspects of your business
  • You’ll see that you can reach a larger audience and the result will be an increase in leads
  • Which means…. A large return on investment for minimal spend

Choosing the right PPC specialist for you and your business is one of the most crucial decisions you can make when it comes to preparing for success in the digital marketing landscape. The payoff in getting it right will be felt in the wallet as your ROI is increased while your spend remains low.