Social Media Coordinator.

Job description

  1. Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts.
  2. Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size of type.
  3. Use computer software to generate new images.
  4. Mark up, paste, and assemble final layouts to prepare layouts for printer.
  5. Draw and print charts, graphs, illustrations, and other artwork, using computer.
  6. Review final layouts and suggest improvements as needed.
  7. Confer with clients to discuss and determine layout design.
  8. Develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and Internet websites. picture of business person in suit
  9. Key information into computer equipment to create layouts for client or supervisor.
  10. Prepare illustrations or rough sketches of material, discussing them with clients and/or supervisors and making necessary changes.
  11. Study illustrations and photographs to plan presentation of materials, products, or services.
  12. Prepare notes and instructions for workers who assemble and prepare final layouts for printing.
  13. Develop negatives and prints to produce layout photographs, using negative and print developing equipment and tools.
  14. Photograph layouts, using camera, to make layout prints for supervisors or clients.
  15. Produce still and animated graphics for on-air and taped portions of television news broadcasts, using electronic video equipment.

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