Client Profile.

The client is a traveling (island tours) client based in Thailand, on whom we started working with in August 2018 and have continued our partnership throughout 2022.

Client Problem.

Lack of organic presence, backlinks, insufficient traffic, thin content on tour pages, poor issues with their SEO performance and insufficient time for managing the Social Media.

Our Solution.

  • Created and optimized unique content site-wide
  • Outreached and increased the amount of quality backlinks
  • Maintained a blogging strategy with blog articles being uploaded every month to keep content fresh and unique
  • Traffic was increased by attracting traffic on informational article i.e. things to do, what to see since our target market is tourists – out of the generic traffic the client would get from an informational article, a percentage of them would convert
  • Entirely takeover of Social Media organic content and Paid Ads on both Facebook and Instagram for international and local targeting



low season



in 4 years since



June 2022 vs June 2018

Client Testimonial.

“Our bounce rates have dropped substantially, average user duration on our site  has increased massively, both leading to our ultimate goal of increased conversions and revenue.”

Paul Chappell, CEO and Founder