Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click(PPC) Search Engine Marketing.

The Advertising Strategy That Sells Fast & Efficiently.
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    Why this service.

    Paid Search Engine Marketing is another service that we excel in here at Yoshiro Digital. Paid search engine marketing is also referred to as pay per click (PPC) and is one of the marketing services that generate the highest revenue. Paid Search is the creation and publication of paid ads that circulate in the search engines result pages that you are looking to target.


    Like every other type of ad, search engine paid ads must be carefully crafted in order to attract the right people, at the right place and at the right time. That is why not everyone can do it, so leave your PPC needs at the hands of the industry experts, Yoshiro Digital.

    Paid search or Pay per Click Marketing Benefits.

    Imagine having a huge billboard in the middle of Times Square. You would naturally think, well that must cost a heck of a lot of money. And you’d be right. Now compare this to Search Engine Marketing. With PPC, you get the huge exposure you would get on a busy street like Times Square, with millions of people seeing your ad on search engine result pages. But the huge benefit is; you ONLY pay for the viewers of your ad who click on it to visit your site! Yes, not the ones who see your ad but the ones who actually click.

    Steps to an effective PPC Campaign

    Keyword Research
    Discover market needs. Flip to see full details
    Keyword Research.
    A comprehensive keyword research investigation will help you reach the right markets and increase traffic to your site. Adding negative keywords will ensure that your budget is allocated appropriately and thus, campaigns will be more efficient and effective.
    Market Segmentation.
    Pinpoint the right customer groups. Flip to see full details
    Market Segmentation.
    By creating smaller and more compatible groups of your target market, your Click-through-rate (CTR) will increase. That is because a different message will be served to each segment.
    Constant Keyword Monitoring.
    Monitor to keep results. Flip to see full details
    Constant Keyword Monitoring.
    Monitoring your keywords will allow you to remove the low conversion and low traffic targets. Hence, the budget will be effectively allocated to the best performing keywords and queries.
    Split & Variable Testing
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    Custom Landing Pages.
    Having custom landing pages means that the different segments will be sent to the appropriate landing page. These unique pages will reflect the PPC ad’s message with carefully crafted calls-to-action (CTA’s) to ensure high CTRs and conversions.

    Why Should You Consider PPC Marketing?

    • Reach millions at an affordable price
    • Discover and target profitable markets
    • See fast results
    • Get the most value for your budget
    • Raise brand awareness & recognition
    • Experience a high ROI
    • Efficiently track results

    PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising and is a type of digital marketing where a fee is paid each time that an ad is clicked on to the search engine or channel that is hosting their ads. Search engine advertising is considered one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising

    PPC advertising relates to the payment for advertisements that are clicked on via online sources and mediums. It involves a live auction bid whereby prospective advertisers bid for ads. The PPC model is most commonly used for search engine advertising or on popular social media channels such as Facebook.

    PPC works through an online live auction bidding method, whereby advertisers bid the amount they are willing to pay to advertise for specific keywords. The winning bid is only paid when a user clicks on the displayed ad, not for its placement.

    PPC management involves a marketing agency, equipped with appropriate expertise, overseeing the operations and optimizations of a client’s PPC account. It usually entails providing with the agency with control of campaigns, ad groups and targeting given a budget being decided upon by the client.

    There are general steps to take when PPC performance isn’t where you would like it to be and you’d like to improve your performance. These steps include:

    1. Adjust the keywords – this involves enhancing the positive keyword bids, inserting variant terms, as well as excluding negative keywords

    2. Enhance Ad Copy- writing more eye-catching ad copy can elevate the chance of conversions

    3. Make Mobile Optimization a Key Focus – You need to ensure that any PPC advertising is responsive for mobile as this is becoming the more likely device in which ads will be viewed

    4. Track PPC campaigns – narrow down and isolate at the campaign, ad group and keyword level how each campaign is working and adjust on a consistent basis to ensure best performance.

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