Top 5 Popup Ideas to Grow Your Audience

June 30, 2020 |
By Sotiris Sotiriadis

Top 5 Popup Ideas to Grow Your Audience

The true value of popups is typically neglected. But think of it this way: they literally jump into your face. Imagine how many visitors you could convert if you use them smartly!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking — you’ve had awful experiences with these things. Don’t let them put you off! When used in a targetted way, popups can better your visitor’s experience. Trust me, they’re a fantastic marketing tool.

They can help you grow your audience, highlight your latest offers, expand your email list and regain a visitor before they click away.

Why Bother Using Them?

In short, they work. That’s why. And it is precisely why web development and CRO agencies actively incorporate them into their operations.

Popups ensure people stay on your site longer, reminds visitors of your products or services, and gives you valuable data to produce leads. Consider them your marketing best friend who has a phenomenal gift of increasing conversion rates!

Tips, Tricks and Design Bits

Don’t Forget the Headline

Good headlines sell. In fact, 80% of people generally just read the headline.

My advice? Make the visitor’s benefit super clear, right from the start. No one will click unless they realise what they’re denying themselves if they don’t!

Oh, make it concise too. These days, people have insanely short attention spans. They lose interest quickly so make the headline count.

Relevance is Everything

This doesn’t just apply to your popups. All your content should be clear, to the point and relevant to your product, service or niche.

Everything about your popup should be relevant to your visitor, the page it’s on, and the emotions or thoughts you want people to feel. Don’t let it compete with your page. It should fit your vibe.

Walk-In Your Visitor’s Shoes

Keep your visitor in mind the entire time you’re designing the popup. This is how you ensure it’s relevant. Adopting their perspective when putting it together increases the chance it will actually do its job.

Call Them to Action

A CTA (or call to action) asks your visitors to do something. This should be the main premise of your popup. Of course, this should stand out and have a clear message.

Remember, one popup equals one CTA. You can’t have two. The actual action you want your visitors to do is the CTA.

A Little Respect Goes A Long Way

Yep, within your internet-using lifetime, you’ll have dealt with some awful popups. However, following all of the above (and avoid doing what’s below), you can make a splash on the right side of the pool.

No Exit

We can’t tell you how many times we see a popup that’s like a booby trap. Repeat after me: exiting a popup should be quick and simple. Sure, you might get a few more seconds of watch time from your captors but it’s not worth the sheer anger you’ll create. The ironic part? This no-escape popup strategy could be preventing those who wanted to spend more time looking at your site from doing so!


You guessed it, the internet has coined yet another word. What does this one mean? Confirmshaming refers to the act of dissing those who aren’t interested in your popup offer.

When opt-out options say something like, “Nope, saving money is stupid”, or “No thanks, I love looking like a loser”. It was probably quite successful when the first clever soul launched it. Nowadays, it’s annoying and pretty condescending. You’re trying to help your visitors, not give them attitude.

Golden Rule

At the end of the day, make a popup that you would be happy to view. Avoid attitude and sarcastic remarks. Be kind, friendly and respectful to everyone, everywhere.

Top 5 Popup Designs to Help You Grow Your Audience

1. Straight Forward Yet Still Fun

Cutting right to the chase with your headline’s offer is a sure-fire way to get people intrigued. Afterwards, the body text (which people are going to read if they’re interested) needs to be kept fun and light-hearted.

A good tip here is to make sure a popup like this jumps up on the right page. Like a product or service page, for example. Don’t go shoving them on blogs. 9 times out of 10, people just want to spend a few minutes reading articles, not being hassled to buy something.

2. Pop Under (these are fantastic)

That’s right. Your popup doesn’t have to take over the entire page. What a concept!

These are more of a gentle nudge in the right direction. They appear at the bottom of your page, super low-key and discreet. Pop unders are fantastic if you want to ask people to join a mailing list.

Psst… and they’re good for blogs too!

3. Empathy Will Get You Everywhere

Giving your visitor a chance to postpone a deal (without missing it) is priceless. These popups get so much merit in our opinion for just being empathetic and respectful of people’s needs. Interested parties who don’t want to splash the cash yet automatically feel included and understood. Winner.

Also, it’s splendidly simple. There is one call to action. No typing involved. Just one easy click. Magic.

4. Multiple Choice

This one gets 10 out of 10 for directness.

You can just ask what they want to see. It’s pretty fool-proof. You make the headline a question like “What do you need the most help with?”. Then, have three different options below that all lead to relevant pages once clicked. Happy days.

For best results, choose bright, attention-grabbing colours for your option buttons. Your visitors could potentially see the one they want to click before they’ve even read the question!

5. Self Segment

You need a pretty varied target market for this one to work. For example, “teacher, student, parent”. The basic premise is that each button on the popup will take the right visitor to the right place.

Contrasting colours with a powerful message focused on the benefits is a great formula for self segmenting popups.


The effects of a wonderfully designed popup can fast track your way to more leads, conversions and revenue.

Unlock your business’ full potential with popups and you’ll see why your conversion rate optimization agency is so keen to see you use them!