4 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

August 2, 2021 |
By Vaso Pavlou

Social media marketing is a complex beast. Getting the attention of people has become harder than ever and business owners are constantly looking for ways to stand out while keeping up with the latest trends.. 

If you relate to this then guess what? You are in the right place!

Here our digital marketing agency shares with you 4 of our tested and proven methods you can implement to take advantage of the trends for 2021 and help your business grow.


#1: Design Facebook Ads

The best ads should feel less like ads and more like regular newsfeed content but still have the ability to catch the user’s eye. Delivering content that is not screaming “BUY” but more like “Look how cool this is… you can be too if you buy it” has far greater effect.

How can you do this ? Well keep reading because the next 3 tips will get you there.


#2: Relax Your Creatives, Style and Grammar

By saying “relax your creatives” we don’t mean start taking blurry pictures with your phone. 

We mean make a shift from any rigid guidelines you’ve been using. Change your settings and go lifestyle instead of catalogue-style creatives. Overall the images you are using on your social media must have a fresh design and be light. Once your ads/posts look less like an ad and more like user generated content, then users will start interacting with your brand more.

Change the way you talk (write) to your audience. No matter what type of company you are, talk like you are trying to explain your new product or service to a friend. Relaxed and casual captions make users feel like they are reading a simple post from a friend which makes them more receptive to your ad. 


#3: Brand Accountability

The last few years have been crazy in every aspect.

Politics, human rights, racism, sexism, a global pandemic, conspiracy theories and the list goes on. People (your consumers) have started taking actions for what they believe in more than ever before.

Social media platforms have became the medium for people to do this, not just watch funny cat videos, share memes or stalk their ex’s and that is exactly what they expect their favorite brands to do too.

They want to see your brand taking a stand for things that matter. It’s not about what you are selling. It’s about who they are giving their money to. Chances are, they can find exactly what they are looking for from another store. Promote your culture, what you believe in, what your brand is all about.

Turn your customers into fans by actively and genuinely taking a stand and making your brand synonymous with a cause.


#4: Humanize your Brand

Anonymous brands are a thing of the past. Transparency and authenticity are the marketing strategies for 2021. 

Building a culture and providing small, raw glimpses of who the people are behind the brand will set you apart from the competition. Not because your competitors can’t do it, but because no one can be just like you or your employees. 

So show off yourselves and your best traits, let your personality shine and capture people’s hearts. 

Social media is designed to be social and help people connect with people. Brands that are personified experience increased customer loyalty – customers become fans, friends and supporters.


So where do I Start ?

How to implement all the above?

Start by creating original content, relax the creatives and your captions – stop the “sterilized” look but keep it professional. Personify your website and use it to promote a cause you believe in. Keep your brand “look” consistent across all your media and ads for credibility and quick and easy brand recognition.

After all it’s social media… your content has to feel relaxed and friendly to reach its full potential.