Email Marketing Hot Tip – Getting the most out of your CTA

November 19, 2020 |
By Haris Alexandrou

The Importance of a Quality CTA

Email marketing just like any other is a battle. A battle for the attention of your audience and for them to be responsive to your marketing message. In order to get a response, it’s important to follow the best practices of email marketing.  Once the content of your email grasps the attention of your audience now it’s time for the action. Fortunately, we’re plenty experienced in the tricks of the trade, to help you get the most out of your Call to action (CTA) .      

What to consider when choosing the best CTA

There are several aspects of what to consider when crafting your email, to get a strong reaction from your mailing list you must ensure you cover the trifecta of email marketing: 

  • A powerful subject line to get readers to open your email 
  • Avoid content of the body of the email 
  • An easy to understand CTA.  

Once you’ve inspired them to open the email and have successfully held their interest long enough now is the time to hit them with a compelling CTA they simply must click on. As the saying goes you must strike while the iron is hot, in order to get the most of your CTA.   

What it looks like

Think back to the emails you receive from newsletters you have subscribed to. What are the CTA’s that stand out? Are they the ones that blend in with the text? Or rather the CTA that use bright colours and promote a compelling offer.   

What it says

Your CTA must promote an enticing offer and explain clearly to your audience where they are going to land once clicking. Transparency is an important aspect of many undervalues when composing their email marketing content. 

  • Subscribe now 
  • Enjoy 50% off 
  • Enjoy my free trial 

These are all excellent examples of easy to understand short and powerful CTA’s. Additionally, keep in mind that your CTA must create urgency in order to really get the most out of your CTA. One final thing to remember is that after research it’s been found that CTA’s in the first person can work up to 90% better! Try using “Enjoy my free trial” instead of  “Enjoy a free trial” 

Where it is situated

Adding your CTA at the end of your body of text, in the form of a button is a fantastic way to increase your click-through rate.  Do not be obnoxious with your CTA, make it bright enough to stand out among the body of your email but don’t overdo it. Users often have a distaste for abnormally large lettering. 

Don’t dismiss the subject line

Subject lines are arguably the most important section of your email. Without the user clicking on your email, they will never be able to see your CTA. Keep your subject line short and catchy in order to stand out in the inbox of your audience.  

The importance of A-B Testing

Before you begin your campaign an absolute must of any email marketing campaign is to test your buttons. Make certain that they are sending traffic to the right place and are being displayed as you intended. 

Further to testing your campaign do not underestimate the power of A-B testing, test the colour, size placement and style of your button to find the sweet spot on what gets the most out of your CTA.   

With this information, you will be sure to get the most out of your CTA!