How to avoid the spam folder

January 30, 2021 |
By Haris Alexandrou

Avoiding the Spam Folder

Internet service providers are constantly waging war against spammer wanting to invade our mailboxes. If it’s vital that your emails deliver you should regularly test your emails with a variety of email providers to ensure that they are getting delivered into the inbox and not being lost in the spam folder. Follow these helpful tips to guarantee your email’s get maximum deliverability.

Watch your words

To avoid ending up in spam it’s important to avoid certain phrases and words that spam filters might pick up when analyzing your content. Words such as free, buy, promo may increase your likelihood of your emails being delivered straight into the spam folder. While there are no magical words that will increase or decrease your deliverability sustained use of these types of words may lower your sender reputation and get your emails sent straight to spam. Here are a few other pointers to keep in mind for your email content:

  • Only link to sites with reputable domains
  • Less is more, keep your email size 30kb or less
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, but make sure the ratio of image-to-text is just right

Use a reliable Email Service Provider [ESP]

It’s of vital importance to your email deliverability that you choose an ESP, with a high score on their Internet Protocol (IP). Sending an email from an ESPs with a low score on the IP addresses of their senders are heading straight for spam folders. Avoid this by choosing an ESP that sends only solicited emails and doesn’t send any spammers emails and ban them from using their platform. If you consistently choose to send emails from ESPs with low IP scores your emails will eventually be blocked by major providers like Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail.

Be genuine

Of course in marketing, it’s vital to get people’s attention, however, avoid using cheap tricks. If you are caught using these cheap tricks it may cause permanent and irreversible damage to your email deliverability. What may have worked in 2000 no longer works in 2020, it’s important to be genuine and avoid purposely deceiving your audience. Avoid these methods if you want to maintain a high email sender reputation:

Deceptive subject lines: Subject lines starting with “Re:” or “Fwd” for initial contact with are purposely deceptive as it suggests previous communication.

Text within images: Adding text in an image to avoid spam filters removes your sender reputation.

Misleading information: Claiming the recipient won a prize or otherwise false claims do not go down well.

Using hash buster: Adding random keys in the content or subject of your email, for example, “Wi!n fr.e.e pr,iz*e”

Unless you’re an in the world of email marketing you might always feel a step or two behind your competitors.

By utilizing the help of real experts you’ll be able to boost your email deliverability straight away while freeing up your time and energy to focus on other areas of your business that you have expertise in.

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