Writing the perfect outreach email

August 23, 2020 |
By Haris Alexandrou

Sending the right outreach email is essential to your success no matter what your goal is, the ability to write is essential. The first email will often make or break the business relationship, success means open doors and new opportunities whereas failure to impress means the door is shut and often once shut it stays that way. Of course, this means huge pressure on your initial email not to get it wrong, but if you follow our strategy to writing the perfect outreach email you won’t have to worry about failure.  

Before you even begin you must know your audience, of course, this doesn’t mean personally but put them into a very simple category, 

  • Very busy 
  • Less busy   

The busier you know someone is appreciative they will be of shorter emails that summarises your email so they can get to the point quicker. If someone is slightly less busy they may even enjoy a friendly email that shows you’ve done your research on them and adds context to what you’re saying. As a rule of thumb, journalists are often extremely busy and your email length should represent that whereas an influencer or blogger, on the other hand, may have more time and would appreciate a longer email that includes compliments about their work. 

Another step you should take before reaching out is doing a bit of research into the prospect and see what kind of topics they cover to see if they’re the right fit for you. 

The final step before outreaching is trying to try to get on the radar, by doing things like commenting on their blogs or social media posts they become somewhat aware of you and trust you that little bit more.  

Now that you’ve done all the scouting necessary it’s time to craft the perfect outreach email. Here are some quick tips you should keep in mind! 

Keep it personal 

Want your emails to get ignored? Don’t include any personalization, at the very minimum you should be including the name of the recipient of the email. On the same note make sure it’s the correct name, you may have accidentally copied the recipients of the previous email into this one or had a typo, regardless proofreading your email for the correct spelling of a name is essential.  

Be Direct

As previously mentioned this will largely depend on who you are sending this too but regardless of how busy the schedule of the recipient is the email you write should include the point of it within the first two lines of the email. This applies to the content but also the design of the email. Don’t include everything in one big paragraph, break it up into short paragraphs or even bullet points if possible.  

Don’t include attachments 

Attachments are inherently untrustworthy especially if they arrive from strangers. A better method of communication is to include links in your email this way you don’t need to include mass information in the email or include any attachments. 

Nail your subject line 

When it comes to open rates your subject line is the most important aspect of your email. An amazing subject line should: 

  • Be genuine 
  • Be intriguing 
  • Be personalized 
  • Create urgency  

And perhaps most importantly it should be concise, maxim two to three words. 

The effects of a perfectly designed outreach email can fast track your way to more collaborations and backlink building.  

Unlock your full potential with the perfect outreach email and you’ll see why your email marketing agency takes time to develop the perfect outreach email.