Playable Ads: 10 Exciting Social Media Updates

December 17, 2018 |
By Haris Alexandrou

Should we really be excited about playable ads and other SM updates

The introduction of playable ads, shopping on Instagram and Ads through Facebook stories are prime examples of the need to stay up-to-date regarding Social Media marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, the only sure thing is that it is ever evolving. The social network, Facebook, is a great example of that.

Yet, what’s more, interesting is that as Facebook changes, Instagram goes down the same rabbit hole and this is highlighted in its advertising.

What’s new to SM marketing in 2019

Some exciting new updates are in store for us from the folks over at Facebook and Instagram; updates that should be kept in mind when 2019’s marketing strategies are implemented. Scroll down and check out what we consider some of the most exciting!

Social Media Marketing

Shopping on Instagram Stories

Product stickers can now be added on Instagram Stories encouraging a more interactive and instant shopping experience.

Once someone views your story and identifies something they like, they will be able to get details about the product simply by clicking on it. Once the aspiring shopper is redirected, they have the option to also view it on the website and make the purchase.

Augmented Reality Ads

Through encouraging interaction and a deeper connection with a brand’s followers, augmented reality ads will give everyone the chance to visualize different products and experiences in Selfie Mode through the Facebook platform.

This will be enabled through a ‘Tap to try on’ Call-to-action directive.

Augmented Reality

Ads through Facebook Stories

Brands will also have the capability to create fun experiences for audiences through Facebook stories.

Although the platform’s stories option has not had the same success as Instagram Stories, with this creative implementation, it is already gaining popularity. No doubt the feature will provide brands with many more options for reaching a wider audience.

Facebook Stories

Playable Ads

This feature is a pretty cool one when it comes to game apps. Playable ads allow users to “try before they buy” and through this short interaction, it is expected that a greater number of installs will result after users are given the chance to experience what the app is about before installing it.

Facebook Pages Updates

Although this has been around for a while, you may have missed it. Facebook Page reviews have been upgraded and modified to ‘Recommendations’.

This specifically caters to visitors who are after more information regarding what to expect, based on other customers and their experiences. The feature also prompts the customer writing the recommendation to either add a photo or readily prepared comments. Gone are the days where a 4- or 5-star rating was all a visitor had to go by when assessing a product.  

Mobile Redesigned Pages

Another update you might have noticed is the redesigning of Facebook’s business pages on mobile. With easier navigation and an updated look, they are expected to drive more traffic and interaction.

Video Metrics Updates

Video Ad Metrics have also received an update with the intent to assist advertisers in understanding all about reliable and true video engagement. The result is likely to be improved, creative video optimization and therefore increased user engagement.

Brand Lift in Test and Learn – Self-service

New self-serve options have also been introduced in order to test and comprehend how a company’s Facebook Ad Campaigns truly impact the audience’s perception of their brand. It’s a cool feature that will definitely leave more in store for us in the future!

A Kit for Video Creation

Haven’t got a video? Facebook can make one for you! A new video creation kit enables you to turn your existing photos into videos that are optimized for mobile. Easy to use templates are included along with text and text placement options.

Facebook Campaign Management Updates

The feature of Lookalike Audiences is great, but can you imagine having the option to find and target people who have similar online and offline behaviors to your actual customers? Well, Facebook has made it possible! Consider it Lookalike Audiences, with a massive upgrade!

We know. We know. we can’t wait to use any of these updates either!