Crucial Instagram Marketing Secrets

November 6, 2020 |
By Haris Alexandrou

The Power of Instagram for Business

Instagram is an amazing social media platform with enormous power for businesses and individuals. Instagram is home to millions of content creators who all have an opportunity to promote their business, and with our guide, it has never been easier.  

Although with more and more users joining Instagram to promote their business, it can be difficult to get noticed, but not anymore with these crucial Instagram marketing secrets. 

Schedule your content

Having a consistent posting schedule on Instagram is vital. When creating content a stable schedule is one of the things that attract people back to your content. Utilising third-party apps can be a great time saver tool that helps you keep to a consistent schedule and even analyse your posts. You can plan your future posts, complete with hashtags and captions, saving you time and giving you the opportunity to interact more with your audience.

Strategic Hashtags

Hashtags are a pivotal element in getting more reach for your brand’s posts and message. Selecting the best hashtags for your post is vital, sites such as rite tag can give you detailed reports about what’s currently trending and recommend whether or not it’s right for your post. Another useful method is to localise hashtags or create hashtags that directly relate to your post. Niche hashtags have been proven to work alongside some of the most popular hashtags. 

Make use of Instagram Live

A  ‘Live’ feature has been added to almost every social media app since it’s creation, and it’s easy to see why. A number of international businesses use Instagram live, to great benefit. It allows you to get a better your connection with your followers by interacting with them live, it also lets you educate your audience or keep them in the loop about any new regarding your brand. 

Post Behind the Scenes for Better Connectivity

Though Instagram is known for brands and individuals posting the “perfect” shot, there is also room to get a little more personal with behind-the-scenes content. This can be formed of ‘the making of’ shot or a shot of your company culture. These images will help people feel closer to your brand, therefore generating a strong following of loyal brand enthusiasts. 

Utilize Paid Ads campaigns

Back in 2015 Instagram announced the use of ads on their platform. At the time not a lot of businesses were taking advantage of the new way to reach their audience. Even today there are still businesses who are skeptical of Instagram ads and prefer to stick to the traditional platforms of Facebook or LinkedIn.  AS they use the same advertising platform as Facebook “Business Manager”, Instagram allows for highly targeted ads, letting you reach a precise audience. Although you will have to page for your ads it’s well worth it and can have a fantastic improvement on your ROI.   

Optimize content with eye catching images and copy

Like most social media platforms you must fight for the attention of your audience with 100’s of other competitor brands who also want to appear in the newsfeed. Instagram is no different, it’s all about getting your followers to stop on your most and engage with it. There are a few tricks with how you can accomplish that, such as infusing a clear focal point, choosing high-quality images with bright colours or try even utilising different formations such as video or multiple images.  Try out these methods to get more engagement from your audience. 

Utilize the most effective features

Over the years Instagram has had 100’s of updates and with these updates, they have removed and added features like a revolving door. But that can sometimes leave its users lost not knowing which are the most effective or important features they should be using. Along with Instagram live we mentioned here is a complete list of features on Instagram you should be using for your business: 

  • IGTV
  • Stories 
  • Shoppable tags in stories and posts
  • Hyperlink username and hashtags 
  • Your favourite filters
  • Geo-tagged content

Similar to any other social media platform, it’s all about finding the right features for you. If you believe the right audience is more likely to see your brands posts by utilizing one or all of these secrets then you need to start implementing it into your Social Media marketing plan!   If you need help getting your Instagram marking efforts ready, contact the experts today! Let’s Talk!