Social Media marketing platforms you might have overlooked

September 21, 2020 |
By Haris Alexandrou

There are over 3.5 billion people on this planet today that are active users on social media. This, of course, means that social media platforms are also the ultimate marketing tools with the ability to reach highly targeted audiences via social media is unparalleled. The majority of all businesses are using social media marketing to get a leg up over their competitors. 

However, the trend of using social media to promote your business has become so commonplace that it’s become nearly impossible to stand out on the conventional social media platforms. In this situation, one must think outside the box to stand out. In this article, there will be no mention of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s all about the most underrated social media marketing platforms, what you can expect from each one and how to utilise each platform effectively.        


While it may be a surprise to Quora on this list since it’s essentially a Q&A site it can be an exceptionally useful tool when wanting to establish authority. Answering questions from the public about your products and services is an excellent strategy for brand managers to get the word out. Quora can also be incredibly useful when wanting to learn more about what fans of your brand are interested in through their questions. With over 190 million users, Quora can be an excellent tool to build your brands’ trust. The users on this platform are often seeking information so will have much less trouble keeping them engaged leaving it much easier to share more information increasing your brand’s influence. 


A well established social media platform than never had the opportunity to break into the top four top social media marketing platforms. Often overlooked Pintreses 250 million active users is nothing to joke about. Pinterest is an entirely visually platform, create super well-designed, vibrant images to stand out on this platform. Pinterest can have such an influencer over its users that according to reports 87% of Pinterest users have brought a product because of Pinterest. Once you set up your business account on Pinterest here are a few essentials you must keep in mind. A nice bio, profile picture and well-planned banner based on your brand’s image is a great start. When using Pinterest similar to other social media platforms we’ll mention it’s vital that you don’t adopt an overt selling approach, find a way to market your products discreetly.    


Not commonly associated with marketing Reddit can be an excellent platform for building community relations. Similar to Quora it’s a customer service channel, used to gather community feedback for products and services. A more discrete marketing approach on Reddit is essential as site users can dislike traditional marketing plays and “Call out” companies that try to promote their products and services in the traditional way. The most common use of Reddit from cooperations is through AMAs “Ask me Anything” sessions. Where actors will talk about their latest films or companies will field questions about their latest product. Even though AMAs answers must feel genuine and not overly promotional as it could receive a backlash. Overall Reddit’s 300 million users each with an average visit of 15 minutes is a great platform to interact with your audience, however, proceed with caution to avoid a backlash.           


A surprising addition to the list however if your audience is on Twitch it can be an excellent way to spread your message, by either having a Twitch channel of your own or by running sponsored streams. For those unaware of the premise of Twitch, it’s similar to broadcast TV different content is available on each channel and users to have to tune in to watch it live, although it is also recorded. The platform began as a way for the game to interact with one another however it has evolved into much more than that. While still heavily gaming influenced it has evolved to also include other areas in turn it has also expanded its audience. If your audience is suited to Twitch take full advantage of the most popular streaming service in the world. 

Tik Tok

If you haven’t heard of this popular app by now you must be living under a rock. Exploding onto the scene late 2019 and continuing to grow in popularity during 2020 Tik Tok is quickly becoming a major player in the social media marketing industry. In less than 2 years it has a global audience of 500 million users. It’s still in its early stages so the rules are still being written and most effective strategies still being formed. One thing that is for certain is users are looking for snappy entertaining videos, before embarking on Tik Tok ads you must be prepared to show off your brands lighter side. Unlike other platforms, if you want to run paid ads on there is some upfront cost with uncertain results, however, with well thought out organic content there is no need for a paid investment. For inspiration on how a traditional business can utilise Tik Tok check out The Washington Post or Yahoo’s page. 

Like any online marketing campaign, it’s all about finding the right audience. If you believe the right audience for your business is on one of these platforms but need help getting your marking efforts ready, contact the experts today! Let’s Talk!