How to use Linkedin as a marketing tool

August 9, 2020 |
By Haris Alexandrou

Using Linkedin as a marketing tool

Essential to any individual in the business world LinkedIn stems from the need for a professional social network. In essence, LinkedIn is about Career development harbouring professional relationships, discussions about industry development and other business-related topics.

Unlike other social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, Linkedin is not a place to be blatantly pushing your products and services it is generally looked down upon by the LinkedIn community to be overly sales-oriented.

The likelihood of a brand follower on LinkedIn already knowing about the brand is extremely high, so spamming your LinkedIn audience about your products and services will not get the results you want. The Social network consists of a different audience than other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, and the messages you put across must reflect that to achieve the results you want. In this article, you will discover how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

Use LinkedIn Paid Ads

LinkedIn ads are unmatched when it comes to targeting business professionals and companies. You can target the precise industry, Company size and even the job role of the people interested in your products and services. For example, if you are a customer support centre you can advertise to companies in a certain area under 50 employees and show your ads to executives at the companies with a customer-support title. The power of LinkedIn ads is undeniable when utilised correctly.

Quality Content

Similar to Paid advertising on LinkedIn organic posts can also be highly targeted. For this reason, it is important to be high-quality content, educational content teaching users about an important aspect of their industry or job. Through the continual use of education and original content, you will establish yourself as a thought leader in that space. Providing real value to your audience leads to more brand trust and ultimately all-around better results.

Join LinkedIn groups

A great bit of advise if you’re just starting with LinkedIn marketing is to join groups, LinkedIn groups will offer you a multitude of benefits. In addition to being able to “listen in” on what your target audience is interested in, you’re also able to interact with and offer advice for members of the group further establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry. One of the biggest benefits of being a member of a LinkedIn group is the ability to message members of the group without having a connection with them. You should be utilising groups to their maximum potential by being a part of up to 50 groups. Taking it one step further you can also create your group.

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